truss printers

Large-scale 3D printing technology now allows for the semi-automated construction of houses and other structures with complex and customized designs, less material waste, and shorter building times than traditional methods. We custom-build printers to your desired specifications using aluminum stage trussing and standard industry controllers and materials for the lowest prices on the market. They are lightweight and modular. These gantry and overhead-style printers can be used to preprint parts and build medium to large structures using either geopolymer or Portland concrete. They come as assembly-yourself kits, including trussing, motors, electronics, and remote technical support. Additional in-person support available at cost.

"The Sophomore" Mini Gantry Truss Printer

The Sophomore is an easy-to-operate gantry-style printer with a smaller 10’ x 10’ x 10’ printing area that can use a wide variety of printing material, including geopolymers and Portland concrete. It is perfect for universities and those eager to gain experience with 3D construction printing before making a larger investment.

Gantry Truss Printer

Overhead Truss Printer