We revolutionize sustainable construction practices

Did you know that construction industry professionals struggle with high costs, waste, and environmental impact while building housing solutions? This is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the US alone.

Building out of the box

We focus on the transformative impact of sustainable construction on communities, the environment, and the future of the industry. Our messaging highlights the benefits of our solutions in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact, emphasizing our role as pioneers of change in the construction sector.


Sustainable Construction Solutions

We are a startup revolutionizing sustainable construction practices in partnership with Constructions-3D. Our flagship product, the MaxiPrinter, is distributed throughout North America. It is a cutting-edge spider crane that enables fast and eco-friendly 3D construction printing, reducing building times and energy consumption.

We also offer gantry or overhead-style printers, as ready-to-assemble kits, using different stage trussing, motor/controllers, drives, and operating systems to customize the dimensions, functions, and strength of the printer to your needs. Our smallest truss printer, the Sophomore truss printer is a simple and  affordable machine for educational institutions and entry-level builders, showcasing our commitment to empowering the workforce with high-tech construction tools. Additionally, our development of equipment for the scaling up of geopolymer applications in the construction industry promises to drastically reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, and create more resilient buildings.

Partners & Clients

In essence, we are the Tesla of sustainable construction equipment, shaping a future with resilient cities, less environmental impact, and accessible quality housing for everyone. We have achieved significant milestones, and we invite you to join us in creating a better world through sustainable construction practices.