The MiniPrinter Pro sets a new standard in the realm of 3D printing for mortars with its expansive printing area. Engineered to meet the exacting demands of professionals seeking precision and consistency, this sturdy 3D printer offers a choice of three automated pumping systems. Additionally, We offer customized materials tailored to your specific objectives. Versatile and adaptable, this printer caters to the requirements of the construction, architecture, design, and research industries.

Starting at $125 000 *

Excl Tax and Shipping

* Depending On Pumping Options

Starting At $125,000 *

excl tax and Shipping

* depending on pumping options

Main Features

Consistent production for large-scale manufacturing
Smart design for user-friendliness
Durability for extended usage
Spacious printing volume
Unlock infinite shapes with 3D printing
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Complete Package

MiniPrinter Pro or XL

(2 sizes available)

Pumping system

(3 to choose from)

Automated 1.2m3 (42 cubic ft) silo

Pumping hose and Set of 
rotors and stators

Dedicated Software


Exploring the possibilities

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