GeoPolymer International Showcases 3D Printers for Construction

Geopolymer International unveils innovative 3D printers and geopolymer solutions for reduced carbon emissions.

The construction industry accounts for about 27% of global carbon emissions, and traditional cement (a.k.a. Portland cement) accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions, according to the World Economic Forum. These emissions can be mitigated by using more sustainable, local materials and through 3D printing. Geopolymer International specializes in the research, development, and production of geopolymer-based sustainable construction materials and offers the latest equipment to mix and print them. Geopolymers offer a wide range of performance benefits such as greater strength, durability, and resistance to fire, flood, and hurricane, and 3D printing allows for sophisticated and customized designs. Not only do Geopolymer International’s technologies decrease carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of traditional concrete, their new collaboration with Constructions-3D takes their dedication to innovation in construction one step further by offering construction companies and developers new models of 3D printers.

Geopolymer International offers a true geopolymer building material, which emits 80% less carbon dioxide than Portland cement. Geopolymers are made from locally-sourced minerals, such as metakaolin from the Carolinas, and can be used in a range of construction projects to increase sustainability and decrease carbon emissions and construction costs…